AgriForValor participates in #AgriTechDay17

AgriForValor participated in the Agri-Tech Day 2017 Conference at the Ludgate Hub in Skibbereen, Cork on the 29th November 2017. More >

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Hub Ireland Submits Operational Groups to EIP-Agri 2017 Call

The Ireland AgriForValor Hub initiated the submission of three innovation partnership Operational Groups for funding under national EIP Agri rural development funds. More >

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Sidestream of the month: Grass

AGRIFORVALOR introduces methods and processes on how sidestreams can be valorized. This month it is all about grass! More >

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Seville hosts the 4th coordination meeting of the Agriforvalor project

The partners of the European project AGRIFORVALOR met in October to advance in this project of knowledge transfer in the field of valorization of forest and agricultural biomass. More >

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Bioeconomy regions in Europe

The Bio-based Industries Consortium published the “Bioeconomy regions in Europe”, which gives an overview of different regions and what they offer concerning the bioeconomy. More >

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AGRIFORVALOR identified needs and barriers for the implementation of a Bioeconomy

AGRIFORVALOR performed an analysis based on: know-how needs and business issues in technological innovations , barriers to implement RDI and best practice solutions at a local level, barriers hindering the development of sustainable biomass supply chain More >

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Natureworks Case Study

NatureWorks LLC is a private company, jointly owned by Cargill, a privately-held agricultural products corporation and PTT Global Chemical. It is the world’s largest producer of plastic resin derived from plant material rather than petroleum. More >

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The agricultural European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI) is a one-stop shop for agricultural innovation in Europe. EIP-Agri works to foster competitive and sustainable farming and forestry that 'achieves more and better from less'. More >

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Cascading usage of biomass sidestreams from innovation partnership groups

The concept of cascading use of biomass indicates a promotion of higher grade applications over lower grade applications leading to a final product which has a higher added value. Strong connections between different sectors and disciplines are needed! More >

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AGRIFORVALOR in the EIP AGRI Innovation magazine, September 2017

AGRIFORVALOR as thematic network aims to collect and share existing but insufficiently used knowledge and best practices on biomass sidestreams More >

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